The first collection of nonstick ceramic GreenPan cookware debuted in 2007. It isn't just about the food you consume; it's also about the products with which you use to cook. GreenPan items feature a nonstick coating so the ingredients don't stay in the pan when they're done cooking.

The unique nonstick coating used by with GreenPan cookware is called Thermolon. it offers impressive heat conduction, which can help achieve superb results for searing meat and frying vegetables. It also helps to heat evenly, which helps brown food in a consistent manner. So pick up a GreenPan frying pan today!

When purchasing a grill pan or any other cookware item to add to your existing repertoire, first ensure that you're comfortable handling the piece. The right pan will feel well balanced—and you should be able to perform common cooking tasks, such as flipping and turning with ease. A well-designed handle is an important part of how a sauté pan feels in the hand, so pay particular attention to that. And as with all investment-grade cookware, find a safe and secure storage space for all your GreenPan products to avoid accidental damage while in storage. Just follow this simple advice and you’ll be enjoying delicious meals prepared with GreenPan cookware in no time!

Information provided by The Cookware Company LLC.