Jewelry is not only an accessory used to accentuate your look; it should also reflect your unique style and personality. Sterling silver jewelry from the Or Paz® collection speaks to women who want more than a single strand to grace their neckline or simple studs for their ears. Some designs in this collection are hammered to create texture and feature scroll accents or floral motifs. Wearing an Or Paz piece makes a stunning style statement and showcases your flair for fashion.

QVC offers a wide selection of Or Paz sterling silver jewelry that caters to a range of tastes and budgets. For those looking for the perfect piece to pair with a plunging neckline, a sterling silver necklace with a bold pendant or longer length chain will work wonderfully. Sterling silver earrings adorned with gemstones will add color and luster to your look. While the Or Paz dangles and hoops hang a little longer from your lobes to create a more dramatic look, the studs offer substance with dimensional designs. A sterling silver bracelet can add just the right amount of light to a look, and if it's from the Or Paz line, you can be sure it's wrist-worthy. Many of the bracelets have gemstone stations for pops of color or textured link chains for depth. Try on bold bangles that make a statement.

All Or Paz pieces are known for their quality and distinct designs. Browse this collection and bring home your own unique piece to make your look stand out.