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Summer Collection

"Japan is a poetic story of contrasts. Where the yin-yang concept is a living, breathing artform that finds man and nature, past and present, along with tradition and progression living harmoniously side by side in daily life. Whether exploring the state of the art city of Tokyo, reliving the artisan life in the cultural center of Kyoto, or experiencing the art of the Ama Pearl Divers, each city I explored told a story that came to life with each step that I took. During my two weeks exploring Japan, I experienced and fell in love with their storytelling culture and now I’m excited to share those stories with each of you with our exciting JAI Japan Collections. I hope you love them."

—Scott Grimes, JAI Creative Director

Most people have at least a few pieces of jewelry that have stories associated with them, and you can probably relate. Maybe there's a tale to tell about some earrings you bought before traveling to Peru or a ring purchased to celebrate embarking on a long-awaited trip to Ireland.

Global adventures and storytelling are two of the defining characteristics that inspire JAI jewelry. No matter if you're a frequent globetrotter or someone with frequent cases of wanderlust, you'll find lots to love about this bold collection.

Check out the bracelets from JAI that range from colorful gemstone designs to twisted silver strand options. These possibilities draw attention to your wrist and help you accentuate your style.

You can also make a strong and memorable impression with necklaces that look fantastic whether you wear them with a V-neck tee or a strapless evening gown. As soon as you see what's available, you'll notice that nature is an often-used theme. Discover choices featuring horses, birds, and more. These are fantastic pieces to purchase if you love finding inspiration in nature and search for ways to do so no matter where life takes you.

Accessories from JAI help you capitalize on your free spirit, and QVC makes it easy to find pieces from the collection that will give you plenty of enjoyment.