This isn't just gorgeous gemstone jewelry. This is a spiritual journey. Wearing something from the Barbara Bixby designer jewelry collection is an experience in nature, art, and worldliness. Each piece is soaked in symbolism—and some in stunning sterling silver. Metals mix with vibrant gemstones to attract the eye and help tell a story.

Meaningful metal jewelry is a wonderful addition to any collection. Whether you're in search of a symbolic piece for yourself or to give as a gift, Barbara Bixby's unique designs are sure to wow. Choose among brilliantly bold bracelets, earrings, rings, and necklaces for women. Some of the most sought-after selections are the ones with a spiritual meaning. For instance, you may notice wings featured in many of the designs. Barbara believes that "wings have always brought this joyous freedom to mind." Embrace that freedom with these fashion-forward finds.

Art is one of Barbara Bixby's biggest inspirations. "The way we present ourselves is an expression of our greatest work of art, the soul." Her love of art is prevalent in the intricate details of this collection. Owning a piece of this designer gemstone jewelry collection is owning a piece of art made with a lot of soul. Shop QVC for Barbara Bixby designer jewelry that's sure to become a masterpiece in your jewelry box.