Say "Gooday" to diamonds down under. The Argyle Diamond Mine is located in a remote territory of Western Australia. Unearthed from this rugged region are beautiful and natural diamonds with natural, untreated color whose origins began 90 miles below the earth’s surface over one billion years ago. When molten rock was forced upward from the surface of the earth, the molten lava delivered the diamond-bearing rock closer to the surface. Now QVC is bringing these Australian diamonds closer to customers with Argyle Diamond Jewelry.

As one of the largest diamond producers in the world, the Argyle Diamond Mine is known for the exquisite champagne diamonds that originate there. Each diamond is a unique treasure with a known and confirmed provenance. Both white diamonds and champagne diamonds are featured in the Argyle Diamond Jewelry Collection. Nothing enhances women's jewelry quite like diamonds. Explore a sparkling combination of champagne and white diamonds in our selection of rings, necklaces, and earrings set in sterling silver or 14K gold.

Diamonds from the Argyle mine have a history. A champagne diamond was once given as a gift to the King of Thailand to celebrate his 50-year reign. Give the diamond jewelry from this collection a future, and mark a special occasion with something from this luminous line of jewelry. Discover the fascinating heritage and pure splendor of Argyle diamonds—extraordinary diamonds from an extraordinary land—during Argyle Diamond Jewelry on QVC.