While birthdays come just once a year, you can celebrate all year long by wearing fine birthstone jewelry. Discover the March birthstone in gorgeous aquamarine jewelry from QVC's large selection fabulous pieces—including aquamarine rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, and more.

Traditionally, March babies are celebrated with the aquamarine stone, and it certainly does not lack in shine, lore, or symbolism. Aquamarine is said to symbolize courage. It boasts a divine and eternal color, since it is, after all, the color of the sky. Aquamarine is also the color of water, so it sometimes represents the ocean and helps us get in touch with the nature of the sea. Take some time, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and remember sitting on the beach at dusk, the water coming in, and the cool breeze. This is your gift from the March birthstone.

Birthstone jewelry is not only beautiful—it's personal, and it signifies a joyous time in a person's life. Birthstones make a wonderful gift to the person who is celebrating a birthday or to the parents who made it all possible. Whether a personalized gift or a treat for yourself, you can always carry a part of your history with you in one treasured piece of jewelry.

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