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Diamonds. They can define love and commemorate birthdays, and they can certainly dazzle while doing so. While gemstone jewelry has its own beautiful qualities, adding diamond accents elevates the look and luster, creating a piece that anyone would want to call their own.

Many see diamonds as a promise in an engagement ring. Whether a solitaire style or a more elaborate design with diamond halos or clusters, diamond rings have been presented on bended knee for centuries as a sign of love and commitment. Diamonds can also line wedding and anniversary bands to signify eternal love and beauty.

As an April birthstone, there are a range of gifts to give to any lucky lady born during this month. Diamond stud earrings create a classic look that can sparkle night or day for work or play. A diamond bracelet is another simple yet stunning accessory that is sure to add grace and shine at any time.

In certain designs of gemstone jewelry, topaz, amethyst, garnet, citrine, and more may be featured as the center stone, but the diamonds that border or accent them can beam just as bright. This goes for pendants, necklaces, rings, and bracelets—gemstones and diamonds combine color with sparkling light to create a timeless treasure.

You can't go wrong with diamonds. No matter the shape, size, cut, or clarity, they make a welcome addition to any jewelry collection. Shop QVC's assortment of diamond jewelry today and find a piece to fall in love with and celebrate forever.