31 Bits is more than just a jewelry line — it's a meaningful mission to give dignified employment opportunities to talented artists and craftspeople around the globe. This company stands on the belief that everything you purchase has an impact on the world. By choosing original women's jewelry that's ethically made and mindfully designed, you can support positive global change with your accessories.

The 31 Bits jewelry line began with beads that were artfully made from old scraps of paper. You'll still find these beads in many of the bracelets and necklaces available from the company. These colorful wrapped paper beads give each piece its one-of-a-kind appeal. Layered necklaces offer an eye-catching way to wear this style. Packed with personality, these accessories are outstanding conversation starters, giving you the opportunity to share a meaningful message with your selection of jewelry.

31 Bits jewelry also makes an ideal choice for gifting. Let your recipient know that their new necklace or bracelet is more than just a pretty piece to add to their outfits. These handcrafted items are poised to make a difference in the world by helping artisans around the globe who are working to support their families with this beautiful craft.