Opt–Out Options for Visitors to QVC.com

QVC uses Coremetrics, Inc., an independent service provider ("Service Provider"), to collect and analyze certain categories of information about our customers' browsing and purchasing patterns at QVC.com. QVC uses this information to improve our website and enhance your shopping experience there, and to help us to determine content that will be of interest to you in certain offers and advertisements that we (or others acting on our behalf) make available to you at our website, at third-party websites, by email and through mobile devices and other means and media. QVC respects your privacy, and therefore allows you to opt out of the process by which this information is collected by our Service Provider. If you wish to opt out, there are two methods to choose from, an "Anonymous Visitor" option or "Total Opt Out." In order for either of these options to take effect, you must first accept a cookie issued on behalf of QVC concerning information collection which will allow you to be recognized with an identification code so that your opt-out selection may be honored. The selection is only effective as to information collected by Coremetrics, Inc.

If you have set your browser to automatically accept cookies, you do not need to change your browser settings.

If you have set your browser to prompt you for permission to receive cookies, and have not already accepted a cookie issued on behalf of QVC concerning information collection, please click "Refresh" and accept the cookie when prompted.

If you have set your browser or cookie-blocking software to block cookies, please change this setting to automatically accept cookies or to prompt you for permission to receive cookies and then click "Refresh." If you have chosen the latter option, please accept the cookie issued on behalf of QVC concerning information collection when prompted.

Next, please select one of the opt-out choices below. Once you click "Submit" below, your selection will take effect immediately.

Your opt-out selection will remain in effect for as long as the cookie issued on behalf of QVC concerning information collection remains active on your hard drive. If this cookie becomes inactive or is removed from your hard drive (for instance, if you reinstall or update your browser), you will need to renew your opt-out selection. If you use more than one Web browser or computer, you will need to opt out in each one.

At any time after you have made your opt-out selection, you may cancel it by selecting the "Cancel Opt-out" option below. For your convenience, you can check your current opt-out status at any time by clicking here.

Anonymous Visitor

I understand that QVC’s Service Provider will continue to collect certain information about my experience at QVC.com, and that QVC, its service providers and others will have access to this information. However, such information will be presented as part of a pool of general, anonymous visitors.

Total Opt-out

I understand that no information about my experience at QVC.com will be collected by QVC's Service Provider. I understand that the fact that a "Total Opt Out" election has been made will be recorded, so that aggregated totals of "Total Opt Out" elections can be calculated and recorded.

Cancel Opt-out

I understand that I will be issued a new cookie on behalf of QVC to enable information collection by QVC’s Service Provider about my experience at QVC.com.