What is Q the Music™?
Q the Music is an expanded Q Sessions experience, where you can purchase, download, and stream music on media devices. New and exciting content will be updated frequently on Q the Music. There will be a large music catalog with a variety of genres. At this time, only full albums, not individual songs, will be available for purchase.

What is Neurotic Media?
Neurotic Media is a third-party vendor collaborating with QVC allowing for the opportunity to download music. They'll be the host of the Q the Music site. All customers new to Q the Music must create an account through the new site.

Is my Q the Music log in/password different from my QVC account?
Yes. Your Q the Music account log in information is not at all affiliated with your QVC account. You'll need to create a separate log in and password to access the music library.

Where can I find my account information?
Once an account is created through the Q the Music page, you can log in and see your information in "My Account" at the top right. From there, you'll be able to view/edit your log in and password as well as your credit card information.

Can I sample music before purchasing?
Yes. All users will receive a 30-second preview of a song before purchasing.

On which devices am I able to purchase music?
You can purchase music on your desktop PC, iOS devices (iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod®), and Android™ devices.

If I'm using the QVC for iPhone® app or QVC for iPad® app, do I need the latest version?
Yes. In order to purchase and enjoy music, you must update the latest versions in the App Store.

Where can I find the music I purchased?
Once you're logged in to your Q the Music account, visit "My Music" at the top right to see your music library.

Where can I go for troubleshooting?
You can contact QVC Customer Service at 888-345-5788 for general questions. For account, billing, or technical issues, please contact Neurotic Media Customer Service at 888-689-9060.

When will I receive my purchase confirmation and receipt?
You'll receive an email receipt within 24 hours of your purchases, which will include a summary of all your daily music purchases. There will not be a receipt for each individual purchase.

Am I able to purchase physical CDs?
Yes. Shop our limited selection of CDs on our Movies & Music page on QVC.com.

How do I reset my password?
Go to your Q the Music account log in page and click "Forgot Password." You'll be emailed a link to create a new one.

Which payment methods am I able to use?
Q the Music supports Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Can I use my QCard® or a QVC gift card to purchase music?
Unfortunately, you cannot use your QCard or a QVC gift card to purchase music.

How does the charge appear on my bank or credit card statement?
Your music purchases will appear as Q the Music on your bank or credit card statement.

I received a promotional music download card through QVC. How do I redeem this?
Once logged into your Q the Music account, click "Redeem" at the top and enter your redemption code. Please note: when redeeming a code, you will not receive a confirmation receipt in your email following your download.