Teeter is all about savvy innovations to help benefit your back. Their mission? To aid in making healthy & active lifestyles achievable through smart solutions like inversion tables, fitness essentials & recovery equipment. 

Elevate your fitness and recovery routine with our range of Teeter Fitness & Recovery Equipment, designed to enhance your well-being through innovative and reliable solutions. At the heart of our collection is the acclaimed Teeter inversion table, a cornerstone tool for those seeking relief from back pain, improved posture, and overall enhanced physical health.

The Teeter inversion table is engineered for safety and effectiveness. Renowned for its precision balancing, ergonomic design, and durable construction, it offers a secure and comfortable way to experience the benefits of inversion therapy. This therapy is known for reducing back pain, decompressing the spine, and improving circulation, making it a valuable addition to any recovery or fitness regimen.

Ideal for both fitness enthusiasts and those seeking therapeutic relief, the Teeter inversion table is easy to use and adjustable, accommodating different user heights and preferences. Its smooth, controlled rotation allows for a gentle yet impactful inversion experience.

Our Teeter Fitness & Recovery Equipment range includes accessories and tools designed to complement your inversion therapy and aid in your fitness journey. From back stretchers to tension relievers, each accessory enhances the functionality of your Teeter inversion table, allowing for a more personalized and effective workout and recovery experience.

With Teeter Fitness & Recovery Equipment, you're investing in more than just exercise gear; you're embracing a lifestyle of health and wellness. Our products are crafted to the highest standards of quality and safety, ensuring that you can focus on what matters most: your health and recovery.