Find Strength Training Exercise Equipment and Workout items for Your Home Gym

No matter what your fitness goals are, let QVC help you achieve them and stay on target with a range of gym machines, strength-training, and weight-resistance fitness options to get you moving, boost your fitness and strength, and keep you motivated during your workout (whether you go to the gym regularly or not!). Discover weight and strength training equipment, fitness finds for maintaining strength and muscles, gym equipment, resistance equipment, and more for fitness or weight-management training for all levels.

Take your gym-inspired fitness regimen or recreational workout exercises to the next level with resistance fitness workout bands for your home gym, and other strength-building fitness equipment designed to help you stay in shape when you're not at the gym. Weight training for strength and overall fitness with resistance bands equipment also allows you to take your resistance workout on vacation.

Try new fitness exercises for building strength to keep you active without getting bored. Treat yourself to a reward after your strength training workouts, and chart your overall fitness and strength-building or maintenance progress. Build strength through small workouts and confidence through strength training with different types of resistance workout equipment. Mix strength exercises with cardio. You can even upgrade your home gym for fitness and fun with equipment like gym machines, gym accessories, and home exercise bikes.

Training for a 5K? Training to keep up with your grandchildren? Training just because you enjoy staying fit and active? Whatever your goals are, you'll definitely want to pick up the right equipment, as well as essential accessories like water bottles and activewear. Whether your training regimen calls for daily exercises, cardio, lifting, or if it's a low-impact training session like walking, jogging, or swimming, the right activewear, shoes, and accessories can help you stay on track.

Strength training exercises and general fitness exercises on a budget is totally possible with affordable gym equipment items to help boost your fitness training. Even larger gym training equipment finds can be affordable, such as ab workout bench training equipment and cardio cycle equipment that can be used while watching TV or sitting at a desk. Look for fitness equipment that is easy to work into your lifestyle.

When you think about fitness training or gym workout equipment, what comes to mind? You might be thinking about weight training machines or treadmills that take up a lot of space, but compact fitness training workout equipment can be just as helpful. Squeeze in a lunchtime workout with fitness equipment like resistance bands and dumbbells. Add a gym-style rower or ab machine to your basement gym. Strength training and stretching for fitness should be engaging and fun. When your exercise regiment feels like a chore, mix it up with a cardio workout or other weight training equipment.

Manage your weight with workout equipment as part of an overall healthy lifestyle. Weight management with strength or weight training resistance equipment can help you achieve new goals and stay focused. Don't forget to stretch as a key part of weight training or fitness management.

Shop QVC for a whole range of gym-inspired strength training equipment and other fitness equipment for both recreational purposes or more intense fitness activities.