Clutches, or clutch bags, can carry your most essential items. Also known as evening bags, clutches are meant to hold the items you might need for a night out, like you ID, phone, and credit card. There are many variations on clutches, such as crossbody clutches, clutch wallets, and pouches. A crossbody clutch is easier to carry, as it comes with a strap. Most clutches, such as clutch wallets and pouches are meant to be held in your hand. Therefore, they often come with a smaller strap to place around your wrist so that they won't get lost.

Clutches are excellent fashion accessories because they can match or accentuate the outfit you are wearing. QVC offers clutch bags for any outfit or occasion. There are also a wide array of colors, styles, and materials, including leather clutches. Next time you're getting ready for a night out, don't forget to take your clutch bag with you.