Let's face it: unpleasant smells are a fact of life. Until Poo-Pourri came on to the scene, that is! If you're looking for a new odor eliminator, shop QVC for handy products and sets that are available in a variety of unique forms and sizes. Poo-Pourri bathroom deodorizers are designed especially for the bathroom. Just spritz the toilet bowl before you go and smell the difference.

Poo-Pourri was dreamed up in Dallas, Texas by Suzy Batiz. The company she founded is dedicated to providing a classy deodorizer to anybody who wants to leave behind a more enjoyable scent. Their proprietary formula works by creating a protective barrier on the water inside your toilet bowl. Then, the barrier helps trap scents before they escape into the air.

QVC offers an array of handy Poo-Pourri products, including refills and all-inclusive sets. Turn to QVC for an odor eliminator you'll look forward to using in every room of your home. It's an ideal product for moms, dads, brothers, sisters, kids, husbands, wives, roommates, and co-workers. And when you're expecting company, some people might say it's essential to keep a bathroom pantry stocked with Poo-Pourri.

So check out a selection of uncommon home fragrance items from QVC and Poo-Pourri. Stow one in every room, so you can be ready when an unexpected stinky smell makes its presence known. Explore deodorizing kits designed for just the room you have in mind, or travel sizes you can bring along with you. Now you can make sure you always leave a pleasant scent when nature calls.