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Is your current mattress causing you to toss and turn? Are you denied a solid night's sleep because you can't find a comfortable spot on your mattress? Perhaps you should look into memory foam mattresses to see if they could be your solution. Originally designed by NASA in the 1960s, memory foam can now be found in homes and beds across the country. It uses the natural heat and pressure of your body to conform to your individual shape.

If you're pleased with the overall performance your current mattress or aren't ready to upgrade, a memory foam topper may be for you. Designed to fit over a variety of mattress sizes, they couldn't be easier to install. Simply take out of the package, let it expand (according to the directions), and place it on top of your existing mattress. If your sheets don't accommodate the added height, simply purchase a set in a larger size. Still shopping for mattress toppers? Then check out our selection from PedicSolutions now.

You deserve a great night's sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep or suffer from excessive tossing and turning, a mattress that conforms to your individual body may help. Shop memory foam mattresses and other innovative products from QVC and PedicSolutions today.