Put innovative iRobot cleaning solutions to work—so you don't have to. With thoughtful intelligence & a seamless design, Roomba robot vacuums help make life's little messes (& those daily to-dos) disappear. 

Experience the future of home cleaning with our series of iRobot Vacuums, your partners in maintaining a spotless and hygienic living space with minimal effort. The iRobot Roomba leads the charge, revolutionizing home cleaning with smart navigation and powerful suction, adept at removing dirt, dust, and pet hair from every nook and cranny of your home. For those looking to take floor cleaning to the next level, the iRobot mop comes in, offering a hands-free solution to scrub away dirt and stains, leaving your floors sparkling clean with just the press of a button. Every iRobot vacuum is designed with user convenience at its core, featuring intuitive interfaces and smart home connectivity that allow for scheduled cleanings and voice control, bringing ease and simplicity to your cleaning routine. Explore our range and find the perfect robotic assistant to keep your home pristine, granting you the freedom to enjoy a cleaner home without lifting a finger.