For relief from the heat, a fun frolic in the backyard, or for a relaxing de-stress from the cares of the world, enjoy an Intex inflatable pool. Intex is a 45-year-old company that rigorously tests their pools and other inflatables to meet their high standards of quality and value. Innovative design creates fun, interest, and ease of set-up. Heavy-duty vinyl liners and sides give strength and resiliency to Intex's inflatable pools.

Splash and relax in 1,052 gallons of cool, clear water in the Summer Waves Quick Set 10-foot 3D inflatable swimming pool. At 30 inches high, 4 adults can easily fit into the pool. With the included goggles, kids will love exploring the 3D illustrations of sea creatures on the floor of the “ocean”.

The Clearview Aquarium pool provides maximum fun for minimum set-up. Kids can frolic in the brightly decorated backyard pool that stands approximately 19 inches high, and 62 inches square. There is plenty of room for three or four youngsters to splash and play, or even an adult or two to lounge in the cool water on a hot summer day. To store all your backyard toys, an outdoor storage bench is very useful. Have fun in the sun this summer!