Indoor plants give you a chance to bring your love of gardening indoors and give your home a green touch so you don't have to look outside to see a live plant. Even if you aren't a big fan of gardening, a hardy house plant gives you something to care for and adds some natural decoration to any room. At QVC, we offer live plants, seeds, and growing systems that offer a good place to start for any indoor gardener.

Our list of indoor house plants includes several hardy varieties that do well with a little water and indirect sunlight, including aloe vera, spider plants, and blooming cacti. These plants also make good choices for office plants since they don't have to take up much space. We also have indoor garden systems that give plants plenty of light and good soil so you can grow them in a controlled environment and have fresh herbs and vegetables ready to harvest for your meals just a few steps away from your kitchen.

Even indoor plants need a few basic gardening tools, so check out our garden tools section for the spades and pocket tools you'll need. You'll also want a good watering can, and you'll find several fashionable and clever options in our watering collection.