Find the Perfect Tool

If you want the best garden and lawn possible for your home, you need great gardening tools. Your yard tools need to be sturdy and effective, and to take care of an average half-acre you'll need a good lawnmower, a weed trimmer, a shovel, shears, and more. Luckily, you can find everything you'll need here in the garden tools section of QVC's Garden Center.

Our lawn tools include a wide range of options. Our mowers include electric models and lightweight manual cutters, or you can get a programmable robot mower that does all the work for you. We also have hand tools like spades, rakes, hedge clippers, and pocket multitools. You might also like our powered garden tools like our leaf vacuums and blowers, our electric hedge trimmers, and our electric chainsaws.

Of course, you'll need a nice garden if you want to put your new garden equipment to good use. That's why the QVC Garden Center has hundreds of plants for sale, including bulbs, trees, flowers, succulents, and more. You can also improve your lawn and garden by adding some of the outdoor furniture, decorations, lights, and accessories available in the outdoor living collection of our home décor section.