Shop QVC for an exquisite array of stunning plants, seeds, and more from one of the horticultural industry’s leaders, Cottage Farms. Founded in 1947, Cottage Farms is famous for their quality and reliability. Bring the same premium plants and gardening supplies used by some of the top nurseries and garden centers around the country into your life today. How do they do it? Part of the secret is that each plant is sent to your home “direct from the grower,” so you can get started on the garden of your dreams right away.

Annual flowers are plants that grace your garden with beautiful blooms for one growing season. Some popular annuals—although not necessarily offered by Cottage Farms and QVC—include begonias, pansies, and bachelor’s buttons. Perennial plants, on the other hand, can live for at least two years. A few perennials that be may be familiar to you—although not necessarily offered by Cottage Farms and QVC—include fennel, geraniums, black-eyed Susans, and gerbera daisies.

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