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Lie back and relax in comfort and style with QVC and Bliss Hammocks. Soak up the rays with quilted hammocks, gravity-free recliners, and more. Spruce up your patio décor and give your guests another place to unwind in a cozy and stylish cocoon. Relax to the max in an array of ergonomic and soothing outdoor furniture pieces that are built to last. Check out our selection, then choose the item with the features and styles that matter most to you.

New York–based Bliss Hammocks was founded in 2006 by Victor Sabbagh, a retail expert with two decades of industry experience. Bliss Hammocks specializes in outdoor furniture including hammock chairs, recliners, and more. The company is known for its long-lasting products, high-quality craftsmanship and attractive designs.

No matter what type of outdoor space you have, QVC and Bliss Hammocks have the solution for you. With a variety of hammock designs and styles—including colors such as Country Club, Terracotta, Denim Blue, and Sage—all you need is a hammock stand and you're good to go! We also offer a wide range of durable materials from which to choose, including quilted hammocks and woven vinyl-coated polyester fabric.

Don't have room for a full-sized hammock? Don't worry, you can still enjoy comfort and sunshine! Check out Bliss Hammocks' selection of recliners, portable gazebos, outdoor umbrellas, bistro table and chair sets, collapsible canopies, and much more. So take advantage of every beautiful moment with QVC and Bliss Hammocks. Shop hammocks that are durable, attractive, comfortable, and easy to set up today.