Tired of the dry winter air? Check out our selection of humidifiers from Air Innovations. These humidifiers will help with the humidity level of your bedroom or living room. We have an excellent selection of products for the home, including Air Innovations humidifiers that release a steady stream of steam into the air and have an attractive exterior.

If you're purchasing one of Air Innovations humidifiers for your comfort, you'll love that some models feature aroma trays. These humidifiers have inserts that pop into the humidifier's built-in aroma tray with ease and fill your room with light, relaxing scents, like eucalyptus or lavender. With Air Innovations humidifiers, any day at home can feel like a trip to the spa.

Air Innovations humidifiers come in a variety of colors, so they'll look great in any room. The larger humidifiers also come with 1.6-gallon tanks so you won't have to get up in the middle of the night to refill yours with water. In fact, Air Innovations top-fill humidifiers can run for 120 hours without needing a refill. If you're ready to experience soothing scents and clean air, shop today at QVC.com.