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Socks and hosiery are everyday essentials you need for work, exercise, and play. You should always have several sets of socks and tights at the ready for any occasion. From fun print socks to opaque tights to compression socks, QVC has your feet and legs covered.Women's socks and hosiery remain workwear staples, particularly in workplaces with formal dress codes. Make sure you have trouser socks to accompany dress pants and close-toe heels . Or find a fitted pair of knit, microfiber, or fleece-lined tights to keep you looking classy (and feeling warm!) in that wrap dress or skirt-and-blouse ensemble. For a more relaxed vibe, you can opt for footless tights in neutral or statement colors.Have fun when shopping for women's socks, and look for sets in different colors and patterns. Prints and textures are particularly stylish with boots and skinny jeans or cowboy boots and a skirt. Many come in seasonal themes perfect for wearing around the holidays. Before you throw on high boots or a flowy dress, make sure you have a pair of tastefully designed over-the-knee socks, as well, to look chic and stay warm.