As their name suggests, women's pedal pusher pants are perfect for taking a bike ride, whether it's around your neighborhood or along the Seine in Paris. But pedal pushers are great for so much more than just bike riding. Check out QVC's collection of women's pedal pushers to see all the ways these pieces can enhance your wardrobe.

The three-quarter length look is ideal for showing off your cute shoes, whether they're summer espadrille sandals, ankle booties, or cool sneakers. This style is on many runways not only because it's stylish, but also because it's flattering for women of all shapes and sizes. Fun buttons, zippers, and other details add a distinctive touch to the look. Get a pair in several different colors so you have something to match any top.

Women's pedal pushers are a great addition to any closet. Unlike pants and shorts, they're great for a variety of temperatures and weather conditions, making them a perfect transition piece to take you from spring to summer or summer to autumn. Pedal pushers cover that time of year when you're not quite sure how to dress for the weather that day.