Inspired by Her Style

Shop pieces designed to suit Martha's beautiful, effortless aesthetic, including jeans, blouses & more.

Martha Stewart has been a household name for decades. Over the years, this successful businesswoman has helped millions of people learn how to cook good food, host successful parties, tend gardens, and start their own companies. Here at QVC, you'll find a collection of designer clothing modeled after Martha's effortless combination of practical designs and beautiful fashions.

Martha Stewart's clothing line includes plenty of options for all-day, everyday wear, like comfortable jeans, long-sleeve sweaters and blouses, and thick coats that'll keep you warm and fashionable even in the dead of winter. You'll discover plenty of light colors and simple patterns, but you'll also see a few bold designs that'll help you stand out from the crowd. The designs never sacrifice comfort and are easy to wear for any occasion.

The light shades from Martha Stewart's clothing line go well with any jewelry you wish to accessorize with, especially a pendant or charm with a bright gemstone. Another option to consider adding to your new Martha Stewart fashion ensemble is a nice pair of sensible flats, which not only match your outfit but keep your feet comfortable all day.