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"Anything goes with everything™." That's the motto of Lori Goldstein, a designer who's spent decades pushing the boundaries of fashion and setting new trends for the whole industry. The Lori Goldstein fashion line dares new combinations with clashing colors, mismatched patterns, and high with low style to see what might work. The rest of her work is LOGO by Lori Goldstein™, a massive line of designer clothing available exclusively through QVC.

With hundreds of tops, pants, skirts, dresses, and more available, you have the freedom to choose whatever styles and colors catch your fancy. If the selection is overwhelming, you can get started by choosing a fashion set or you can consider attire from a smaller LOGO by Lori Goldstein™ collection that follows a certain trend. You can also filter our collection by the kind of clothes you're looking for, whether that's color, cut, fit, or price range.

After you're finished shopping, consider accessories that'll go best with your new outfit. As Lori Goldstein might tell you, don't be afraid to experiment with your choice of purse or handbag. Our jewelry selection includes pins, bracelets, and pendants that'll stand out very nicely no matter which LOGO clothes you put together.