About the Brand

Discover what drives this inspiring line.

At the intersection of comfort and encouragement, Life Is Good clothing will quickly become part of your favorite outfits. With so many style options available, you'll find yourself reaching for Life Is Good whenever you leave the house. You can dress up the T-shirts with a blazer and fun jewelry, or you can go for ultimate comfort with sneakers and a reliable tote bag. However you choose to wear the clothing, this inspiring brand will remind you that even though life isn't always easy, Life Is Good.

Shop our assortment of Life is Good crusher tees! What is a crusher tee? Well, crusher tees are 100% cotton tees that go through a "crushing" process that doubles the softness. The colorful graphics have a slightly "stiff" feel and tend to be Jake, Rocket, or both. The shirts have a relaxed fit, too. With the exception of the improved quality, these are the tees that started it all.

Life Is Good T-shirts make great presents for special occasions or even those times when an uplifting gift is just what someone needs to brighten their day. Your friends and family will adore the cute designs, and they'll be reminded of you each time they wear it. Putting a smile on your loved ones' faces is the greatest gift of all, and Life Is Good can be counted on to make that happen

From outerwear to cozy sleepwear to charming accessories, QVC has a vast selection of Life Is Good products for everyone in the family. Shop our curated line today and discover a brighter world where optimism reigns supreme.