Laurie Felt

The freedom to feel real. 

Laurie Felt is a big fan of jeans. Years ago, she developed a soft denim that's easy on the skin and still durable enough to be considered casual clothing. Her company continues to create new denim blends that set her jeans apart from other designers on the market. Here at QVC, we're proud to offer Laurie Felt jeans, cardigans, and other clothing that's fit for a woman's average daily lifestyle but who's far from ordinary herself.

Our Laurie Felt collection contains a long list of denim jeans. Beginning with a traditional cut and ankle-length hems, you'll also find decorated stitching, embroidered jeans, skinny jeans, and pull-on jeans in a variety of colors beyond blue. Laurie Felt also offers a range of fashionable tops, and while the list includes jean jackets, you'll discover cute blouses, fashionable cardigans, and statement-making turtlenecks.

Of course, your perfect jeans aren't complete without the right pair of shoes; thankfully, you'll find plenty of footwear options when you shop If you need more denim in your life after viewing this collection, you can see everything we offer in our special denim shop.