A New Standard in Fashion

On a mission to be the world's most inclusive fashion brand, Universal Standard developed their signature sizing to better reflect the real bell curve of sizes in America.

Check out the graph to compare your typical size to the Form & Line by Universal Standard size.   

Welcome to the world of Form & Line by Universal Standard, where fashion transcends boundaries and embraces inclusivity. Our collection is a celebration of diverse beauty, offering stylish, high-quality clothing designed for every body.

Form & Line by Universal Standard is not just a clothing line; it's a revolution in fashion. Our pieces are crafted with a focus on fit, comfort, and style, ensuring that every garment not only looks exquisite but feels incredible to wear. From the office to the weekend, our versatile range caters to all aspects of your busy life.

Discover our range of meticulously designed garments that blend contemporary aesthetics with timeless appeal. Our collection features clean lines, sophisticated silhouettes, and luxurious fabrics that drape beautifully on every figure. Whether it's a crisp shirt, a sleek dress, or perfectly tailored pants, each piece is an embodiment of modern elegance.

At Form & Line by Universal Standard, we believe that style should be accessible to everyone. That's why our collection is available in an extensive range of sizes, ensuring everyone can experience the joy of expressing themselves through fashion. Embrace a world where comfort, style, and inclusivity come together, and let your wardrobe reflect the real you.

Experience the difference with Form & Line by Universal Standard – where fashion is not just worn but lived.