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Catch Belle by Kim Gravel—Fashion, Wednesdays at 9am ET & Saturdays at 8pm ET on QVC®.

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Kim Gravel's passion is to empower every woman to "believe in your own beauty." Now, she brings over 20 years of experience in the entertainment, fashion, and beauty industries to QVC with a collection of women's clothing and beauty items.

During her years as a makeup artist, she worked with giant cosmetic companies, served as the National Cosmetology Association spokesperson, and in 2009 launched her own boutique cosmetic line, bringing her fresh and confident beauty approach to women of all ages. She has also been designing women's fashions for over 20 years and logged thousands of hours as a stylist.

In her collaboration with QVC, she seeks to design classy, figure-focused women's clothing of all shapes and sizes, as well as a signature beauty collection for a complete head-to-toe approach. No matter what size or shape, you're sure to find classic, yet trendy, women's clothes from Belle by Kim Gravel at QVC.