Women's belts were once purely practical, functional straps of leather designed to hold up pants , skirts, and shorts. But times have changed, and more women are discovering how these fashion accessories can elevate any outfit. A well-placed belt can create a beautiful, feminine silhouette & we've got great options at QVC.Experiment with where you place your belts. Belts can sit at waist height, as they traditionally do, but that's not your only option. If you have an athletic figure, try wearing your belt low on your hips. They'll add some bulk to this area, which enhances your curves. A belt right below the bust gives some feminine shape to flowing clothes such as dresses , tunics, and boho blouses.QVC has a wide range of fashion belts designed to enhance your favorite clothes. In neutral hues such as black, navy, and brown, they're versatile enough to work with most outfits. Classic designs will never date, but don't be afraid to experiment with more unusual belts decorated with tassels, beads, and buckles. These fashion belts are bold enough to keep you right on trend.