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With a smartwatch, you’ve got a world of information right on your wrist! Visit to find a full selection of Bluetooth smartwatch types and styles that can provide you with access to apps, deliver messaging and call alerts, and so much more.

Smartwatches are ingenious little devices that bring added order and efficiency to everyday activities and help you manage a hectic schedule. Once you find the one that suits your needs, simply sync it to your phone and start exploring the possibilities. Enjoy access to apps, receive notifications—such as missed or incoming calls and text alerts—and even pick up and make phone calls on some models. Best of all, you’ll only see the information you want to see when you have customizable alerts.

When shopping for a smartwatch, take time to compare them to be sure you’re getting the features you want most. First, choose one that’s compatible with your smartphone model and operating system. While some smartwatches work with both iOS and Android systems, others are designed to work with a specific system. From there, there are other factors to consider. Want to track your fitness activities? You can find savvy options that monitor heart rate, track steps and calories burned, and beyond. From battery life to timekeeping features, there’s a lot to keep in mind when selecting your dream device.

Love the one you wear! Smartwatch styles range from classic to sporty, so it should be easy to find a design that suits your fashion sense. Many smartwatches come with extra bands, or you can find additional bands sold separately to switch up the look for different occasions. Be sure to visit QVC, where you can discover some of the best smartwatches on the market today, along with helpful smartwatch accessories.