Keep your personal information private with your own paper shredder. These days, you can never take too many precautions to avoid fraud, identity theft, or worse. Shred your private documents with a paper shredder machine to avoid all the hassle.

QVC's collection of shredder machines includes portable shredders with built-in wastebaskets that are perfect for your home office. Heavy-duty shredder machines are even able to handle credit cards, DVDs, stapled sheets of paper, and other potentially sensitive items. Protect your privacy and shred items in a flash with our office shredders. Basket capacity makes it easy to collect and dispose of shredded documents and items without the hassle or major cleanup.

Adding a paper shredder will complete your home office collection, making it easier than ever to work from home. We stock a wide variety of models and styles so you can find the product that's perfect for you, combining the features you need to match your budget. Shred multiple documents at a time to speed up the whole process. For quick and easy document shredding sessions, there's nothing better or more convenient than an at-home office shredder. Keep your documents secure and dispose of private information safely right from the comfort of your home with an office shredder.