Drones are one of the hottest tech trends and are only growing in popularity. Remote control drones and drones with cameras are not only fun to fly, but are also beneficial for a variety of work projects. Drones are perfect, for instance, for enhancing real estate photography. Catch a buyer's eye with interesting drone photography of the property. While filming the property with remote control drones, you can watch the process on your smartphone.

Drones with cameras are blasts to fly, as well. You can soar through the air viewing your neighborhood. You can join hobby groups and flying clubs with people equally excited about flying. These groups often host meetups in open areas where everyone can learn to fly their remote control drones. After you've captured beautiful photos and videos, share them with your friends on your big-screen television set.

Indoor drone racing is another increasingly popular pastime. Drone racing tournaments held in indoor stadiums worldwide enthrall spectators as they watch pilots race their remote control drones through aerial obstacle courses.

Regardless of the activity you pursue, you can find the perfect drone when you shop QVC today.