"This gold event is one of my favorite jewelry events of the year! The timing is perfect as we are in the 'golden hour' of summer. What a fun time to add to your jewelry collection! We have so many great pieces represented across all of our jewelry brands. I love our new diamond-cut hoop earrings or our big, bold rings."

- Allison, Buyer

“My favorite pieces from Affinity for the Gold Jewelry Sale feature color, something we might not automatically think of when shopping for diamonds. While you can’t go wrong with white diamonds in white gold, I love how fresh rose gold feels! As we’re moving into fall, the pink and copper tones will accent all your natural browns, greens, and golds perfectly—not to mention some brand new pieces with fancy pink and yellow diamonds that we bought for the collectors looking for that one special show-stopper!”

- Morgan, Buyer

“I am very excited for the new items that will be presented on the Gold Jewelry Sale from the Adi Paz brand. Each piece has that special workmanship design to make them truly unique… We hope you feel the energy behind the creation of each piece while you are wearing it”.

- Emma, Assistant Buyer