Step 1: Design

Imagination & creativity launch a concept that evolves into a sketch & a technical drawing of the piece.

Step 2: Wax

Made from the sketch & technical drawings, the design is carved into a hard jeweler's wax. This is the beginning of the piece's three-dimensional design.

Step 3: Master

The carved wax is cast in sterling silver.

Step 4: Molds

The master cast is used to create a mold. This mold is used for every future replication of the piece & is made from a flexible material that can be injected with wax.

Step 5: Wax Tree

The tree is set in mold. When placed in the oven, the wax melts away & will be replaced with molten sterling silver.

Step 6: Silver Tree

The silver tree is the result of the casting process. Each piece on the tree will be clipped & prepared for polishing.

Step 7: Polishing

Every sculptural detail is lovingly brought to life by the artisan's skillful hand at the buffing wheel.

Step 8: Assembly

Craftsmen in the Carolyn Pollack Studio assemble all of the components into a fabulous piece of Carolyn Pollack jewelry.