QVC apparel buyer Megan is a true fashionista. A denim devotee, she and her team knew there had to be a better way to shop for jeans at QVC. “We wanted a way for the customer to see all the denim we offer so it’s easier to shop,” Megan told us. Hence the Denim Shop, where you’ll find all of our denim in one place and can shop by style.


You’ll even get help finding the right size. Just click “Find Your Fit”. “That’s always been our challenge, that customers can’t try jeans on,” Megan said. But a few minutes with the tape measure can make a big difference—especially when it comes to that oh-so-perfect pair of skinny jeans.

Another old-but-still-current favorite: the boot-cut jean. “A boot cut never goes out of style. It balances you. It looks great on every woman.” Megan advised. “Wear them with heels to help make a long, lean-looking silhouette.” But she also favors denim on top, too. In her own closet, she cherishes a light-wash anorak that she wears with dark-wash jeans.


One of Megan’s favorite brands is Laurie Felt Los Angeles. Laurie Felt is a contemporary designer who uses denim with lots of stretch and offers her styles at a mid-range price. Megan bought skinny jeans in indigo shadow, but she’s kicking herself for not buying the white pair, too.