Bringing QVC Closer to You

If you’re following QVC’s social media platforms or tuning in to Beauty iQ®, you’ve probably seen Sloane Glass, our social correspondent! Sloane joined our Social team to help create a deeper connection with customers across our social and broadcast channels. Before joining QVC, Sloane created content as a digital reporter and producer for Fox5 in Atlanta. Prior to that, she hosted and created videos for Time, USA Today, People, AOL, and MSN. Sloane also served as a reporter for News12, covering the latest breaking stories in the Bronx and Brooklyn.

Take 5 with Sloane

InsideQ: As QVC’s social correspondent, what does your job entail?

Sloane Glass: As social correspondent I connect QVC to our audience across all our digital platforms. By using social media, we show everyone what’s happening at QVC right now and create unique ways to bring our customers even closer to the amazing products, events, and people here.

InsideQ: How do you do this?

Sloane: We stream live on Facebook or Instagram with a tutorial or demo about how to wear or use new products. We even introduce people on the red carpet or special guests at QVC. When Catherine Zeta-Jones was at Studio Park, we interviewed her live on Facebook, connecting her directly to our audience. QVC has always thrived on creating direct communications with our viewers—this is another way to do that.

InsideQ: Tell us about your role on Beauty iQ.

Sloane: Social is an integral part of Beauty iQ! In this role, I’m able to speak on air to the trends we’re seeing on social media in order to bring everyone into our digital experience. It’s amazing to be able to react live to what our customers are saying. Recently, we went live on Instagram showing customers the new IT Cosmetics Secret Sauce Moisturizer and how to apply it, all the way through to a full-makeup look. If someone missed it on the broadcast they might find it scrolling through Instagram, click on it, swipe up, and buy it. Our goal is to inspire everyone to try something new!

InsideQ: Why QVC?

Sloane: If you asked me what I wanted to do when I was six years old, this is it. I’m so proud to be a part of this next step in QVC’s platforms. We’re connecting with people in so many new ways—this role brings that relationship one step closer.

InsideQ: Thanks, Sloane!