Who Doesn't Know
Martha Stewart?

She’s been a domestic authority for more than four decades. In 1972, when Richard Nixon was president, Martha Stewart started a catering company in Connecticut. Since then, she’s spent years building a multi-media empire through her expertise in both lifestyle and modern living.

Martha has accomplished a lot: a namesake magazine, bestselling books, blog, and an Emmy® Award-winning television show highlighting her do-it-yourself approach to cooking, decorating, entertaining, and everything in between. Now she’s bringing her signature collections to QVC that include food, skin care, fashion, and garden.

InsideQ: Have you received a warm welcome from the QVC family so far?

Martha: Yes, absolutely. I am having such a great time. It’s my favorite part of the day!

InsideQ: What inspired you to create your QVC collections?

Martha: As brick-and-mortar retailing suffers the onslaught of online shopping, television shopping is an exciting alternative. QVC is the country’s biggest television shopping network and it is so exciting to partner with them in a variety of categories. I’ve long admired the connection that you’ve been able to establish with your customers.

InsideQ: Are you a QVC shopper? If so, what items do you usually purchase from QVC for yourself?

Martha: I have followed QVC for many years! I buy tools, books, and food.

InsideQ: You have such a wide breadth of products. In addition to apparel and skin care, you also offer products for home and garden. How did you become such an expert in so many areas?

Martha: My subject is lifestyle, and as a result, my deep-seated interests are widespread over a very broad category. Martha Stewart Living encompasses inside and outside the home: organizing, entertaining, gardening, celebrating, home-keeping, decorating, etc.

InsideQ: That’s quite an assortment! Which of your QVC collections are you the most excited about and why?

Martha: Frankly, I’m excited about all of our collections. I think the fact that QVC does not, at present, sell many of the products I will be presenting makes the whole venture exciting.

InsideQ: We’re pretty excited about the products, too! Now let’s talk about what’s coming up on the horizon for your line. What kinds of items can we look forward to from you this spring?

Martha: We are working on specific categories of garden, skin care, fashion, food, even outdoor lighting. All of these areas are very exciting!

InsideQ: Your new collections are fabulous. Welcome to QVC, Martha. We are all so thrilled to have you here!