Sure you’ve grilled meat—but have you grilled fruit? Watermelon, pineapple, and cantaloupe are a thrill on the grill.


“Why grill fruit? Fruit has natural sugars for excellent caramelization opportunities on a grill! Plus, it can be a smarter choice for dessert, an easy way to try a new flavor of seasoning, and it’s a conversation starter,” host Mary DeAngelis shares. Here are some of her tips and tricks. 


“Since watermelon can run a little sweet and super juicy, it works well when prepared on the spicy side.”

  • Keep the rind on to hold it together.
  • Put a little Corky’s Dry Rub on it (my go-to) and serve with ribs or sprinkle it with salt and serve with feta and mint.
  • Grill about two to three minutes per side.


“Put grilled pineapple on your grilled chicken sandwiches and have the crowds go wild. Get the garden hose ready to calm the people down. It might get that silly!”

  • Fill a giant re-sealable bag with pineapple chunks. Add honey, a pinch of red pepper flakes, melted butter, and kosher salt. Shake to coat.
  • Remove pineapple from bag and grill about two to three minutes per side.


“This recipe is a great snack-a-tizer because the salt from the prosciutto and the sugar from the cantaloupe marry together beautifully.”

  • Wrap thin-sliced prosciutto around chunks of cantaloupe. Thread on skewer and drizzle a small amount of olive oil.
  • Grill about two to three minutes per side.