You’ve tasted strawberries, oranges, and grapes—but have you tried rambutans or dragon fruit? Host Mary DeAngelis introduces you to these two unique fruits that look funny but taste great.

“Buy a pack at the store and let the kids have fun with it!”

  • Slice through just the spikey part, then apply a gentle amount of pressure at the end and pop the fruit out.
  • Tastes like a cross between a sweet plum and a giant peeled grape.
  • These are tremendous in cocktails like a Rambutini, simple syrups, rice pudding, and gelato.

Fun Facts

  • Grows on the rambutan tree, which is typically 80 feet tall.
  • Native to Malaysia and Indonesia.
  • Contains vitamins C and D plus fiber and iron.

“It may look intimidating, but could not be easier to prepare.”

  • Slice lengthwise, peel off the leathery skin, and eat the white part.
  • Tastes like a cross between a pear and a kiwi.
  • Toss a couple in fruit salad and add to desserts as a summertime conversation piece.

Fun Facts

  • Also called pitaya because it grows on the pitaya cactus.
  • Native to Central America.
  • Contains vitamin C and protein plus calcium and iron.