This Year’s Most Popular Picks

We dug up the five gemstones that are really hot this summer and we’re bringing them to you, complete with fun facts.

The Museum of Natural History in New York is home to the Star of India, the world’s largest known gem-quality blue star sapphire. This golf ball-sized gemstone weighs in at 563.35 carats! 

“The Tazza,” a large malachite vase, is one of the largest pieces of malachite in North America. A gift from Tsar Nicholas II, it stands as a focal point in the Linda Hall Library in Kansas City, Missouri.

California and Maine deposits produce tourmalines in raspberry pink-red as well as minty greens, sometimes together (known as bicolors). These bicolors are called Watermellon Tourmalines. 

Spinel was once confused with rubies and became known as Balas rubies. Two of the most famous spinels form part of the British Crown Jewels and are known as the Black Prince’s Ruby and the Timur Ruby.

Queen Victoria’s friends and her five daughters were presented with fine opals. As a result, opal became highly sought after because the Royal Court of Britain was regarded as the model for fashion around the world.