Get More of What You Love!

Download the QVC for iPad® app for free. Requires iOS 7 or higher.

New Features


  • Track orders.
  • Update your personal information.
  • Edit and cancel orders.
  • View and edit Easy Pay® options.
  • Manage Auto-Delivery options.
  • Access and shop your Wish List.
  • Manage your address book.
  • Enjoy an enhanced second-screen experience while watching the live show.

Existing Features

Of course, you can still enjoy popular features, including:


  • Customize your experience with your preferred content.
  • Watch product-demonstration videos.
  • Drag and drop items to your cart.
  • Meet the hosts and follow their favorite products.
  • Enjoy full shopping cart capabilities.
  • Access the Program Guide to watch QVC TV live, and set reminders so you don't miss a show.
  • View Items Recently on Air.
  • Read and write reviews.
  • Check your order status.
  • Interact with the In the Kitchen with David® show.
  • Read full item descriptions and see multiple image views.


Compatible with iPad® and iPad mini™ devices. Watching QVC's video stream may significantly increase the data usage amount of your device and may incur additional fees. Contact your data carrier for more information. QVC is committed to giving you quality service and treating your information responsibly. For details, please see our Privacy Statement.