Container Garden

Watch pro-gardener Barbara King teach Host Courtney Cason the finer points.


Learn how to properly prune these beautiful blooms―it might just be your key to success! 

Pruning Tips

There's definitely a right & wrong way to prune your plants. Check out some of our best pro tips.

When to Plant Cold Crops

Discover the best time & place to plant the cold crops you know & love.

Timely Tomato Tips

Learn where & when to plant this juicy fruit—we even have a tasty recipe for you to try!

Planning Your Garden

Start off with a solid plan―garden expert Barbara King is here to help you take the first steps.

Herb Growing Tips

Learn from the best! Get expert tips from Barbara King on how to grow great herbs. 

Basket Garden

Create stunning baskets with these tips & tricks.

Varying Garden Heights

Master height & balance in your garden with tips in this video. 

How to Transplant

Tips from resident expert Carolyn on how to transplant plants from your garden.