Know Before You Grow

Shop plants & flowers based on your yard's sun exposure, then check out our Planting Guides below. You'll learn more about different plant varieties & get helpful gardening tips on how to plant them. 

Planting Guides from A to T

Wondering how to make a garden that weathers the storm? Welcome to the QVC Planting Guides Library, where you'll find helpful guides that provide gardening tips and tricks, and that answer all your gardening questions.

The first step in creating a great garden is to pick out where exactly it should go. To get the most out of your garden, put it in a place you can see from a window in your home so you can enjoy the view of the budding garden plants. It should also be situated in an area that receives direct sunlight for at least a few hours a day. Some plants can thrive on indirect sunlight or even full shade. Be sure to shop plants by sun exposure for best results.

The second major step you should take when you're ready to create your own garden is also the dirtiest part. That's right, you must choose the ideal garden soil. This depends, of course, on the types of plants you're planning to cultivate, as well as the specific soil composition in your town. You may want to contact your local municipal county office and have your soil tested. They might even be able to provide gardening tips you never would've thought to ask. Be sure to check our Planting Guides above to see if there is specific garden soil guidance for a garden plant variety you are interested in.

The third step: eliminate those weeds! This is one of the most important gardening tips. Because if you don't get rid of weeds before you plant, your nice fresh garden plants will soon be overtaken by unwieldy weeds. But not if you follow the gardening tips and tricks outlined in our guides!

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