Rethink Wall Décor

It’s not just art that can go on the walls…check out Lauren’s cool options.

Creative Storage

You may just be surprised at some of Lauren's ideas for storing all your things.

Front Porch Pretty

It’s easy to freshen things up in front of your home (think faux florals & lanterns).

Spring Mantle Styling

It's easy to freshen up the look above your fireplace with simple touches.

How to Style a Table Tray

This is such an easy way to liven up your coffee or kitchen table.

Spring Plant Spotlight

Add a touch of greenery to your space with special faux foliage & pretty planters.

Foyer Styling 101

Adding a few warm touches can feel so welcoming when you walk in the door.

Easy Spring Cleaning

Dare we say, cleaning doesn’t have to be such a drag thanks to Lauren’s simple tidying tips.

Throw Blanket Styling

Lauren's got all the easy (& cozy) ways to style a throw blanket for the ultimate chic space.

Set the "Mood Lighting"

Lauren's showing how to get that "glow" with easy touches like lanterns, candles & votives.