Poolside & BBQ Fun

From food to fierce fashion, hangin' outside is always fun with Jayne!

Red, White & Blue Inspo

Who doesn't want to add some outfit sparkle on July 4th? Here's how.

Get Out & Have Fun

See how the Brown fam really does it up in the play category.

Let’s Work It Out

Jayne knows that a good (& cute) outfit can make all the difference to stay motivated!

Classic Deviled Eggs

They're Jayne's simple, yet scrumptious, summer staple…now you can make 'em, too!

"Adulting" Must-Haves

We all need those core essentials to help get us by, from a good knife set to a shredder!

A Welcoming Porch

Love coming home to a warm hello? From wreaths to mats, these finds will help do just that.

Your Sleep Aesthetic

She's sharing a few simple ways to really have those sweet dreams.

Pineapple Vodka Cocktail

All we can say is 'yum' to this delish summer refresher.

Light the Way Outdoors

Catch Jayne's tips for keeping your home lit well after the sun goes down.

Recipe Remake

Jayne just ‘wings it’ when it comes to making family dishes (& it's so much fun!).

So-Special Mother's Day

Jayne shares what makes this day so great (hint: her daughters are a big part).

Relaxed, Artsy Style

Free-flowing is totally up Jayne’s alley when it comes to her staple style.

All Things Color

Jayne shares how she considers her style of using color as 'color therapy.'

Multicultural Beauty

Jayne gives her perspective on beauty that represents all shades & tones.

Retro Hobby Fun

Take time to do something you love—like Jayne does with roller skating!

The Beauty of Gardening

Jayne takes planting indoors as she shares her love for the AeroGarden.

Women-Owned Businesses

Jayne has a virtual sit-down with Lia Key & Renée Greenstein.

Spring Home Sanctuary

Easily lighten up your space with bright & pretty accents, like pillows, throws & candles.

Jayne's Take on Size Inclusivity

When it comes to style, Jayne shares that every woman should embrace her own beauty, her own way.