Shawn's Top Pick: Barefoot Dreams

“A sublime, magical, out-of-body experience—that’s how soft Barefoot Dreams is! For gift giving, I particularly love their throws. If you’re on a tighter budget, their socks are just ahhhh. Not everything beloved by celebs is always worth the hype or money. But getting a Barefoot Dreams gift is like winning the lottery. Period.”

—Shawn Killinger, Program Host

David's Top Pick: Lock & Lock

"I use colorful Lock & Lock storage containers every day. They are affordable, durable, and easy to clean. The air-tight and water-tight feature makes them perfect for wet and dry storage. Give the gift of practicality this holiday season!"

—David Venable, Program Host

Amy's Top Pick: NUDESTIX

“As you know, I'm obsessed with making sure I have lip color on at all times but my fave color is nude for sure. With all eight of these, the gal we gift it to will never be without.”

—Amy Stran, Program Host

Jill's Top Pick: Key Finders

"This is one of my favorite practical presents for the gals on my gift list. She'll never be digging for her keys again. And since it’s a set of three, it’s two great gifts and one for you too!”

—Jill Bauer, Program Host

Mally's Favorite Gifts

Find out what three gifts top Mally's list.