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If you’ve been seeking just the right virtual assistant, look no further than, where you'll find a range of Amazon products equipped with Alexa. Welcome to a world made more convenient with technology that responds to your voice to help with daily tasks.

With the Amazon Echo, you’ll have an expert on hand to answer your questions and keep you informed about what’s going on. You can wake up to a weather report, quickly get caught up on the latest news and sports scores, and so much more simply by using your voice to make a request. That’s because the Echo’s equipped with Alexa, a cloud-based voice service that continues to learn and acquire new features over time. She’ll keep you entertained, too. Just ask Alexa to play Pandora or another streaming service to hear your favorite tunes. Plus, enjoy incredible sound, thanks to the Echo’s 360-degree omnidirectional speaker. Want the ability to make lighting changes through Alexa? You can when you connect to select Wink, Belkin WeMo, and Philips Hue devices.

While the Echo is pretty compact, maybe you want something even more portable for those days when you’re really on the go. Enter the Amazon Tap! With its small size and long battery life, this little wonder lets you easily bring some of the Echo’s best features along when you’re heading outside, moving from room to room, or visiting friends and family. Dolby processing and 360-degree sound ensure you’ll still love what you hear.

Want to elevate your TV experience? Try the Amazon Fire TV Stick, a tiny device that delivers big when it comes to entertainment. Just plug the Fire TV Stick into your HDTV's HDMI input, and unlock access to more than 4,000 movie and TV channels, apps, and games. You’ll have the ability to stream your favorites from Netflix, Amazon Video, HBO Go, Disney, and many others. And Alexa has a part to play here, too. Just speak into the Voice Remote's built-in mic to find what you're looking for—quickly and easily find TV shows, movies, actors, and genres.

Be sure to check out to find Alexa-equipped items from Amazon, including the Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap, and Amazon Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote. You’ll be amazed how this virtual assistant helps to streamline and add ease to every day.