What can we do to minimize these kinds of issues?

"Skin issues related to the use of facial coverings are not uncommon…. In relative privacy, remove the mask and wash the face gently, perhaps every couple of hours. Gentle cleansing, even in normal skin, can be of benefit. Continue to use your normal skincare routine, but add a couple of extra simple cleansings throughout the day.

Aside from skin hygiene product use, changing the mask daily can be beneficial, when possible. Additionally, when that's not possible, washing or cleansing the mask daily can work well depending on the material of the mask."

— Dr. Lancer

How can we feel confident while wearing a face covering?

“Eyes have always been important, but especially now when we’re all rocking the face coverings! Go for big, happy-looking eyes by adding a bit of lightness and brightness to the lid, with a little definition in the crease to lift the eye. Eyeliner and mascara are also super important to define and create the look of lift.”

— Mally